A Psalm for the Wild-Built – Becky Chambers

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ So yeah, I wasn’t expecting to like this one. Sure, there’s a robot, and I fucking love robots, but a tea monk? A tea monk and I would be on the distant ends of a personality spectrum. I’m pounding shots of tequila before hopping on a mechanical bull in an attempt to impress someContinue reading “A Psalm for the Wild-Built – Becky Chambers”

Midnight – Brenden Carlson

⭐⭐ So yeah, I had this brief phase where I’d talk like a 1920s gangster after having a few drinks. “waaah, don’t taze me, coppah!”, “you damn dirty rat, you took my jaeger bomb, seeee”, and so on. I loved it and everyone else hated it, especially the chicks. What sort of dame doesn’t likeContinue reading “Midnight – Brenden Carlson”