The Scavenger Door (Finder #3) – Suzanne Palmer


So yeah, bit of a confession to start us off here dudes. I didn’t read the second book in this series, Driving the Deep. So, reading this one was a little like when you’re at a hockey game and go to the bar for the intermission and there’s a couple pretty babes that you start flirting with. Next thing you know you’ve crushed a few beers, the girls walk off with some meathead jabronis, and you’ve missed the entire second period. Your team was leading 1-0 and now are down by three and you didn’t even get a phone number. Fuck! You’re a little out of place, but able to piece together what you missed, and enjoy the rest of the game. Bang on my experience with The Scavenger Door and the Finder series. Had a lot of familiarity, some new elements, but pretty quick to pick it back up and get into the Finder universe again.

Anyways, our main man Fergus is back in Scotland and is reconnecting with his cousin and a sister that he had no idea existed. He’s been through a ton of shit and just wants to lay low and connect with his family. Like the great Dominic Toretto says, “There’s nothing stronger than family.” Problem is that he’s a little stir crazy and driving them all bonkers. Coming back after being MIA for 20 years of space adventure can be tough for people to adapt to. Fergus’s cousin wants him out of the house and finds a task for him. Since he’s a finder, Fergus is tasked with finding his buddy’s lost flock of sheep. A pretty far cry from tracking down stolen sentient spacecraft for this interstellar repo-man.

Since Fergus is a pure shit magnet, while up in the hills looking for sheep, he comes across broken shards of an alien artifact which his Asiig-given powers has now activated. The artifact is a piece of a gateway to an alien dimension containing the most ravenous and devouring of species. These bad boys are so fucked up that even the seemingly omnipotent Asiig are freaked out and don’t want that door opened. Fergus just wants to chill with some Coronas and his fam, but the end of the world is now a real possibility. Especially when you have doomsday cultists, billionaires, and government baddies all trying to get the pieces to the doorway that shouldn’t be opened. He needs to collect and get rid of all the pieces or else there is no family to go back to, no other families, no Coronas! The apocalypse is a nasty thing, bro.

But yeah, this story took a while to get going. Probably to try to get the idiots like me who skipped the second book caught up. Even then, once I was in the story, I felt it dragged for the first third or so. It was a ton of throwbacks to the previous two books and really just Fergus repeating the same tasks in different locales across Earth. Same-same but different. Once it got going, boy did it get going. Hold on to your butts because when the story ramps up, you can’t put it down. The setting expands, Fergus becomes less mopey, and the pace ratchets up to eleven. I absolutely loved the buildup to climax and the finale, dudes.

I think I was such a big fan of the ending because we left Earth again and really expanded our metaphysical boundaries. The setting in Finder was by far the raddest part and that was missing here. We’re mainly stuck on future Earth, which has some cool shit and tech, but it’s a far cry from sun shields, spinning wheel habitats, asteroids, all of which are linked through an intricate cable system in the farthest corner of human-inhabited space. Fuck me! That was a rad world, bros!

Yeah, so, it was good but not great. I’m glad I gave this bad boy a read and will continue on with the series for sure.

Anyways, that’s about all I got. Adios amigos!

The Scavenger Door will be published on August 17, 2021 and you can pre-order a copy here. A huge high five to Suzanne Palmer, DAW Books, and NetGalley for the ARC.

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