Now We Paint Worlds – Matthew Kressel


So yeah, I love me a good novelette. It’s like a pre-game to get you hyped up to read more and more. Dudes, I actually read this whole story while I pre-gamed before going to TGI Fridays for loaded potato skins, boozy slush drinks, and flirt with the bartenders. It was pretty dead in there but I guess that’s normal for a Monday night. 

Anyways, these three planets in the outer regions of conquered space have mysteriously vanished. Just *poof* and outta here like a bunch of jaegerbombs lined up for me and my boys. None of the big deals down at the Free Trade Union know what the heck is happening and they’re trying desperately to figure it out. Orna is an FTU field agent sent out on what she thinks is a fool’s errand in chasing down a rumour that this mystic named Adair was responsible. Like some old scrawny yogi could make planets vanish without a trace. Yeah, ok bro.

So, Orna prods Adair for answers and learns about these gods made of gas and dust. Adair believes that humanity is vermin and that these gods are going to eliminate our presence from the universe because of it. She begins to have all these trippy hallucinations and dreams and knows that something strange is afoot at the planet Yasimir.

Since this story was pretty short, I don’t want to say much else because I’ll probably spoil the whole thing for you. Totes don’t want to be that guy. What I can say is that it was wonderfully written and I was totally engaged throughout.

But yeah, the story’s messaging really resonated with me. Find joy in the simple things and be positive about life, bro. Enjoy the moment when you lay in that wading pool on a hot day, savor the flavor of that Fuego Takis you’re mawing down on, and most of all don’t be a fucking dick. If you look at your life positively, you’ll find beautiful things every day. If you view the world through a negative lens, you’re going to have a really shitty life. I know which I would prefer to be. Be excellent to each other, dudes!

Anyways, that’s about all I got. Adios amigos!

Now We Paint Worlds can be read for free online at tordotcom.

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