Black Star – Eric Glover/Arielle Jovellanos


So yeah, I just read a bunch of the reviews and a lot of people are saying how this book was confusing. Let me ask you this, how many whippits did you do before reading this? I did three and I was still able to understand what was going on. Either put down the aerosol can before reading or try to build up a tolerance. Holy, I’m turning into a life coach over here.

Anyways, in this simple and easy to understand story, our main gal is named North. She’s this big deal scientist who’s discovered this miracle cure thingy but needs this flower from another planet. She’s also stuck up and not the best at making friends. Then there’s Parrish who is the expert on the planet’s hostile conditions. She’s a jerk and is in love with another crewmate named Fletcher. There’s an unnecessary fourth chick and I don’t really know what her deal is. Typical redshirt I guess.

So these four chicks go on an expedition to this planet when their ship collides with an asteroid and crash lands. North gets out of her pod and the whole place is an inferno. The fourth crew member is deader than dead, Fletcher’s pod is full of smoke, and Parrish’s pod is pinned down by a girder. Being the high-and-mighty person that she is, North decides to save her own skin and bail. Leave the others for dead. Stone cold North, stone cold. So Parrish is rightly pissed! She eventually escapes but can’t save her partner Fletcher. Hell hath no fury like a woman left for dead bro. One time I went to this potluck with this girl I was seeing. It was super lame, people were just talking about traffic, so I bailed. Holy shit, the tongue lashing I got after that one. Man alive! I could only imagine the blood curdling rage she’d have for me if that potluck was on fire and I skipped outta there. Ya toast North!

Now North is trying to reach this escape shuttle that’s like 150km away. She’s got to get there first because, get this, the shuttle only fits one person… Didn’t we learn anything from the Titanic? #1 rule of ships: as many lifeboats as there are people. If there were more lifeboats, Jack and Rose would have had dozens of lil’ grandkids running around and North/Parrish wouldn’t be in this predicament. So the two of them are racing to the escape pod in a battle against the hostile elements of the planet and each other. Woman vs woman, woman vs planet, planet vs woman, you know, all the standard themes.

Was this perfect? Nah, but what is? I need to work more on my glutes so I’m not one to nitpick too hard. I liked it, and in the end, that’s all that counts.

Anyways, that’s about all I got. Adios amigos!

Black Star has been published and you can order a copy here. A huge high five to Abrams Books and NetGalley for the ARC.

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