Dauntless – Jack Campbell


So yeah, I thought this book was a new release because it just came to my library. I was all stoked to give a groundbreaking review for all my homies only to find out this book has been reviewed like 9000 times already. Whatever, no one is going to read this and my library sucks. Free books! Yeah, but they’re like 20 years old.

Anyways, so the Alliance and the Syndics are in this endless war. The Alliance are the good guys, but they are on the ropes getting pummeled. Things begin to look up as they discover the cryo-escape pod of Captain “Black Jack” Geary. This dude was a war hero from a hundred years ago that they all thought died in an epic battle. Psych! I’m alive bro, just cold and really need to pee! I was a little bummed because they never say why they call him “Black Jack”. All I know is that last time I went to Vegas with the boys I lost like 600 bucks at the blackjack table. Crushing yard long pina colada’s and scoping out big titties is not a good gambling strategy. All good though, I got comped a free Quizno’s sub so that was pretty cool. Yeah, so this dude is back and he’s going to lead them to victory like he did at that battle that he died at but didn’t actually die at.

Things are a little different for ol’ Black Jack when he takes the helm of the fleet. This war has been going on for so long that literally any competent person on either side is now dead. It’s just a bunch of idiots fighting a bunch of morons. It’s two wasted Chad’s tossing wild haymakers at 3am at a hotdog stand because one Chad got the last Bavarian brat. Anyways, since Black Jack is not dead and received an iota of military training 100 years ago he is this epic military strategist. Back in the day he was a normal grunt, but in the present war he’s like if Bruce Lee and Napoleon had a kid. No messing around bro, I know a strategy.

So Black Jack’s mission is to get this fleet home alive. They’re jumping from system to system being chased by the Syndics and kicking ass in each battle. That’s not a spoiler because there’s like 12 books in this series (new release my ass library!) so you know they’re not going to die. Maybe Black Jack will “die” again and come back in another 100 years and be all meta-war-genius. Like those memes with the brains and lightning bolts, you know the ones.

Yeah, so the book is ok I guess. It’s a lot about how 100 years of war is bad and changes everything for the worse. The battles, and everything else for that matter, are pretty non-descript. It’s like watching a bunch of dots move around and being like “oh shit, that ship blew up like 7 minutes ago, time lag is crazy” I didn’t even want to root for Black Jack. He mopes around pouting “why me?” instead of being the pirate in Captain Phillips. “Look at me, I’m the Admiral now!” Yeah dude! I dunno man, I might pick up the second book but probably not.

Well, that’s about it. Adios amigos!

Pick up a copy at Amazon

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